Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vegetables do you grow?

We grow over 40 vegetables as well as herbs, and in most cases several varieties. Click here for a full list of crops we grow.

What can we expect with our share?

We grow over 40 different vegetables throughout the season. You should see a mix of 8 to 12 different vegetables a week, depending on the season, with an average of 14 lbs a week! As a member of the CSA you also have the opportunity to meet your neighbors and your farmer, discounts at the farm store, and a weekly newsletter full of recipes and updates from the fields. Click here for what you can expect in your share by season.

How many people does a share feed?

The share feeds about 2 vegetarians or 4 omnivores.

Can we purchase more of something that we like?

Yes! We will send out a weekly update of crops we have extra of and sell to you at a wholesale price.

What if we don’t want something in our share?

We encourage members to trade amongst themselves if they don’t want to use something in their share, and we include weekly recipes in our newsletter to help folks who may not be familiar with one of our tasty vegetables.

Do you sell 1/2 shares?

We do not sell half shares, but encourage people to find a partner to split a whole share with. We also keep a list of people who wish to split a share and try to match people up where possible.

What if I can’t pick up my share?

We encourage members to send a neighbor, friend or family member if they can’t pick up their share. Shares that are left over at the end of distribution will be donated to the local food pantry.

Is the farm organic?

While not Certified Organic, we use only organic practices. We like to call ourselves “beyond organic”, holistic or sustainable. We abide by the rules of the NOFA Farmer’s Pledge, “a commitment to a broad set of principles that go far beyond the National Organic Program by addressing labor issues, community values and marketing. It is a commitment that either certified organic farmers or uncertified organic farmers can make to their customers and neighbors. It is not a substitute for certification, which is a service whereby a third party scrutinizes a detailed farm plan, inspects the farm, and then has the paper records of the farm reviewed by qualified peers for compliance with the regulations set forth in the NOP. We believe that the heart of sustainable agriculture is in the integrity of the farmer.”

What is a work share?

We take a limited number of work shares. We ask for eight sessions of four hours of work in return for a discounted share price. The jobs will include harvest, washing, packing and weeding. We ask that the work share members take it seriously by showing up on time and working hard.

How is the share cost broken down?

We take the farm’s operating budget and divide it by the number of shares our acreage can feed. If you are picking up at one of our delivery sites we divide our transportation costs amongst the number of members.

Do you accept volunteers?

Of course! Give us a call… we always need help!